Thursday, April 21, 2011

Night terrors and sleep sex: two rare sleeping disorders

There is nothing better than the dream of a quiet night. Unfortunately, for some people, sleep well it may seem almost impossible. While the majority of people will be affected by common insomnia sleep disorders at least once in their lives, some unhappy living with rare sleep disorders that disrupt their lives.

Two such disorders, night terrors and sleepsex, can be cause for concern not only for the person who has the disease, but for the partner who share his bed.

Do you have any of these sleep disorders?

Night terrors

A person who suffers from night terrors wakes up screaming, to the end and sometimes even suddenly get up and flee. If you witness someone you have a horror of sleep will find difficult to wake up and do not respond to attempts to calm them.

Sleep terrors are different from nightmares, are at a stage of different dream. Sleep terrors are common in children and do not need to be treated unless they are harmful, however, an adult who lives sleep terrors should seek help from specialist. There is the danger of a person prone to sleep terrors could injure themselves or someone when thrash.


"sexsomnia" or sex sleep is part of a series of disorders called "parasomnia". Parasomnic disorders occur during sleep, or when an individual is only falling asleep. Sleepwalking and parasomnias are the most common parasomnic disorders, although many others, like the dream of eating and sleeping sex, are becoming more widely studied.

During an episode of Sleepsex, a person can, while he slept, making sexual noises and gestures or move towards your partner. The person is sleeping and not realize what you are doing and if awakened, will not have any memory of their behavior.

Sleepsex can be unnerving for the other partner, you may feel violated, especially as it normally soft loves can be aggressive and violent behaviour of sleepsex. Sleepsex can cause problems in a relationship, and, as such, someone experiencing what they believe is sleepsex must check in for testing sleep disorder clinic.

Sleepsex is rare, but may be more common that researchers make. Many people will not report episodes of sleepsex if they feel embarrassed or ashamed.

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