Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Discover the best CPAP mask for face and sleep better

Once diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is important to choose the best mask for the face. The right CPAP mask will help you breathe better at night and bring you into a deeper state of sleep. Although many people start with the equipment of a physician or sleep therapist recommended , there are many different species . In choosing the best CPAP mask for your face

All masks should fit comfortably around the head. They should not be pressed to cause pain or hanging loose at the edges will cause leaks . Soft adjustable Velcro strap for a good fit on the face to ensure to eliminate leaks. A complete seal is very important to ensure a constant maximum air flow to the lungs.

Choosing the right fitting mask is essential for a successful CPAP therapy . Several different ways:

First nasal

The nasal mask is shaped like a triangle and fits only over the nose. This mask is for those who breathe through their nose during sleep or wear a chin strap so that the mouth is closed. Moreover, it is very good for people who sleep on their backs .

Second full face

The full face mask larger, triangular well, and better on the nose and mouth. This mask is a good choice for people who have difficulty breathing through the nose, but breathe through the mouth.

3rd nasal pillows

The mask on the upper lip , while air into the nose through two small inserts that easily blown into the nostril . Mouth breathing, sleep well with this type of mask. This style is also a good option for patients with facial hair , especially thick mustache.

4th nasal prong

This mask has a flexible tube that fits over the ear and the nose, is under two branches inserted into the nostrils. It is a good choice for users who develop claustrophobia CPAP choking during sleep with a mask.

5th oral

This mask covers the mouth only and contains the oral funnel provided with teeth , jaw and keep the tongue slips back .

Sleep is a precious commodity. Once diagnosed with sleep apnea, it is important to begin treatment immediately . Experiment to find different kinds of masks , which is best for you . Read reviews , talk to people who have sleep apnea, and general research will help you find the perfect CPAP mask for your face.

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