Sunday, April 17, 2011

The causes of sleep deprivation

With the advent of the 21st century, the pace of society is early and as soon as possible. Therefore, it is certainly a time short for people to relax. People generate income at the expense of health. Generally, people in our couple's dream of creation of hours of sleep in the generation of our parents.

Dream is among the important process of our body. It is important to ensure that the cells revived when we are sleeping. Our minds review and reorganization prior knowledge that we have discovered during the day. Study shows works of brain and get information such as memoring while you sleep. Some US fantasy when we sleep. It should be done, the dream is the stimulation of the details to our boss, make cells unfortunately not can use frequently active.

In the case of is serious of relying on sleep deprivation and she also wished to develop its health, first of all, make sure that go to bed early in the afternoon. Unlike smoking or drinking drinks hard, better than some drink that will make you drift in as soon as possible, such as milk and honey. The atmosphere is also essential to sleep. It is better to turn off the light, drawing back the curtain. Human beings are more likely to go to sleep in a quiet and clean bed. Not studying books or watch television that mood changed quickly.

Sleep, that in addition to having problems with emotional difficulties, but also cognitive problems. Those that lack of sleep are able to grow to be angry and it is difficult to get along with. Often we recongnize one thing that is very simple and easy, they can not be confused in simple tasks. As you stay for a whole night, your skin will become very dry, his face is dark where there are dark cycles around the eyes. Without having sufficient sleep for long periods, you can vary the number of hormones, which in turn alter the reaction of the body to sweets. These changes can also be its weight increase along with the quota of having diabetes will increase too. In addition, its mechanisms of Defense is weaker, so it is easier to get sick.

Sleep plays a very important role in our health. We must pay great sensitivity of the quantity and the quality of our sleep. Never let it be stolen by anyone including you. Not an excuse with the reasons that health is the greater ownership in our lives.

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