Thursday, April 14, 2011

Treatment of deprivation by restriction of dream of the sleep therapy

Sleep restriction therapy requires patient limit the amount of time they spend in bed to an amount equivalent to its average total sleep time. Therefore, if patients normally spend 8 h in the bed, but only 5 hours sleep, spend time in bed is initially limited to 5 h.

Treatment of stimulus control is the instructions of behaviors:

go to bed only when I sleep, using the bed and bedroom only for sleep and sex, provided that one is unable to sleep after 15-20 minutes to get out of bed and go into another room and they only return to the dreamhave a regular time to get out of bed in the morning, although there were only a little sleep the night (s) before, andnot taking NAPs during the day.

The idea of stimulus control therapy is to empower the individual with insomnia to associate to the bed and bedroom with rapid onset of sleep. This is achieved by limiting the activities not consistent with the dream that serve as signals to stay awake and also following a coherent programming of sleep and wakefulness.

If you suffer from insomnia it is recommended that you reside in the hanging bed and turn.

You must find another quiet bedtime to be ready to fall asleep and then returning to his room to sleep.

What is sleep restriction therapy?

Sleep restriction therapy is a behavioural for insomnia treatment. It works to improve the efficiency of his dream by limiting the amount of time that is allowed to sleep in the bed.

Sleep restriction in a less extreme level works to increase his desire for sleep. This leads to a consolidation of his dream, sleep less irregular and sleep better efficiency.

Treatment of sleep restriction

It is important to keep track of your sleep with a record of sleep patterns. This will register his time of going to bed, the time to get up every day and the time spent asleep, the time spent in bed.

Spend not less than four hours in bed, not even if feels less sleep. Start you restrict the amount of time in bed.

The efficiency of his dream shall be calculated every day. Once they are sleeping at least 85 percent of the time spend in bed, it will increase the time in bed for 15 minutes. It continues to increase the time in bed with the efficiency of this dream and goal up to the time in bed to stabilize.

If you are older than 65 years of age, the rules are slightly different. Their sleep efficiency target is 80 percent and you are allowed a 30-minute NAP during the day.


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