Monday, April 18, 2011

Strange and weird sleep 2

Experts estimate that each person will be affected by a disorder of the sleep at some point in his life. For most people, this will be insomnia caused by stress or pain, or disorders associated with the work shift. The most common sleep disorders can be cured by changes in lifestyle or taking pills to sleep herbs.

However for some people, the sleep disorders are not so simple. Two sleepy rare disease: Kleine Levin syndrome and syndrome of warhead, baffle of research, which can not figure out why these disorders occur, which results in them and can offer no cure.

Do you or someone know, suffers from Kleine Levin syndrome or exploding head syndrome?

Kleine Levin syndrome

People who suffer from the Kleine Levin syndrome (KLS they are vague, but in fact, suffer from uncontrollable sleep. KLS patients could sleep for days, weeks, months or even years without awakening. Very little is known about KLS and what it does, but KLS usually appears during adolescence and more generally affects males. As well as this excessive need for sleep, a patient KLS may become irritated and confused when he woke up and during their waking hours, may experience hyperphagia (excessive food cravings) and hypersexuality (concern for engaging in sexual activities). Currently, there is no cure for KLS.

Exploding head syndrome

Head explosion syndrome is a funny name for a disconcerting sleep disorder. This unpleasant event happens as is asleep, or occasionally during the own dream. A sudden loud noise that sounds like an explosion, a bullet, static TV or cymbals crash startles him, and the noise comes from inside his head.

The noise usually wakes up to the victim and may cause insomnia, agitation, panic and confusion. The noise is not painful, but can be quite frightening.

Investigators are baffled by the cause of the noise, but it seems that they occur during periods of high stress. Head explosion syndrome usually occurs in people over 50 years, but has been through the ages, even in children older than 10.

The only way to deal with explosive head syndrome is to remove stress. Sleeping pills herbs that relax the body may also be beneficial.

If any of these symptoms sounds like something that has experienced, consult your doctor or sleep specialist immediately.

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