Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Water pillow: Pillow of comfort and pleasure in one

Sleep is one of the most important components and the needs required by the body and the best way to do this is to have the best team of sleep. The water pillow ranked first in the provision of that dream as necessary to rejuvenate your body and maintain a healthy and toxic-free lifestyle.

In many clinical trials, this product is highly recommended between orthopaedic experts, surgeons and physicians who specialize in related fields. Therefore, if you have difficulty sleeping and fighting with him for a long time, it is high time that you get the best pillow of water for the restoration of its shine and body healthy. Orthopedic patients are the most important candidates to seriously consider the use of this amazing innovation for treatment and safe therapy.

There are five models of this product with their corresponding characteristics that are highly estimated and trust by the authorities which can be found.

Stuffed with almohada-agua fiber pillow-Mediflow MEDIFLOW water-based

With the layer of hypoallergenic, ultra-soft material of fiber polyester DuPont floating above the layer of water, exceptional comfort and interrupted sleep is guaranteed. It has a thermal insulator that serves as a factor in preventing that body heat blocks of leaders towards the neck, head and shoulders through of enclosing the layer of water. You can also adjust the firmness to customize the level of comfort you want.

Core water pillow

This product has panels of displacement with the system in the form of trapezium to support appropriate and best of the neck. It is 100% which covers the camera therapeutic water and help cushion of cotton fibre materials that relieve pain, snoring and neck.

Therapeutic Zewa pump of memory foam pillow

It is only with his design of three layers and adjustable firmness and height, greater comfort and good noches-sueƱo guaranteed. It has an exclusive and patented design that serves as features allows you to use it as your regular memory foam pillow. Capacity for response functions adapts its position to sleep sleeping without interruption.

Water of Chiroflow pillow

Like the water beds, comfort level can be adjusted through changing the strength of his pillow in water for comfort and ease, adding water to the pillow. Fits your position to sleep and is perfect for support of the head and neck along with ideally support the cervical spine. It is made of layers of fiber Soft polyester and the best features of engineering to adapt to any anatomical shapes and sizes.

Chillow Cool comfort device

It has a single core and external material of soft glove with components aqua combine to give comfort to sleep fresh which can also be used when relaxing or reading. Its therapeutic assistance includes the relief of the headache, hot flushes and sunburn. It does not require, but you can also keep refrigerated before using for more power and intensity of cooling.

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