Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is sleep bruxism?

If your partner you save wakes with a noise grinding, and these strange dentist notices wear patterns of the teeth, could be suffering from sleep bruxism.

The third most common disorder of sleep (after having slept speaking and snoring), sleep bruxism is an unconscious teeth grinding while asleep. Children are more susceptible to develop sleep bruxism, and generally exceed it. Adults can acquire bruxism sleeping too much, but it is very rare and it is believed that the causes are different.

A person with sleep bruxism can crash for up 40 minutes instead of hours. When they collide, can be put several hundred pounds of pressure in the opposite jaw. During the day, the teeth of a person only come into contact while chewing and exercised only 20-40 pounds of pressure. Need not be said that given these conditions, sleep bruxism can cause long term damage to their teeth and jaw.

Like many other sleep disorders, no one knows what causes sleep bruxism. In the 1960s, scientists blamed "malocclusion": the upper and lower jaw not fit together properly. However, this could not demonstrate is in clinical trials.  For many years, scientists believed stress were the cause, but they cannot explain why only some people with sleep bruxism are experiencing stress.

What can conclude is that, like many other sleep disorders, stress, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol and pain can exacerbate or exit sleep bruxism.

One of the best ways to manage sleep bruxism is that your dentist will fit a mouth guard. Plastic mouth guard adapts itself to the teeth and stops damage you your teeth or mouth. Guards from the mouth of a chemist will work OK, but a guard equipped dentist will have a better fit, they last longer and feel much more comfortable.

There is no known cure for bruxism, although many patients have reported success after trying sleeping pills herbal, acupuncture and yoga. Some studies have demonstrated anti-anxiety medications have some positive effects, but the ease in which a person becomes in accustomed with serious side effects and these drugs often makes a less popular choice.

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