Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You must read the importance of sleep,

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Not to eat a big meal before going to bed. A full stomach will lead to indigestion, acid reflux, and common stomach many related problems, all which are guaranteed to keep you awake all night. Eating spicy foods will lead to indigestion, flatulence and diarrhea.

Not to drink plenty of fluids. Coffee, tea, soft drinks and other beverages filled caffeine will remain eyes wide open. The water is fine to a degree, but if you must get to empty his bladder and relieve the pressure regularly, you won't get the sleep you need. The same applies to alcoholic beverages. They have their place. While you can nod, the effects of alcohol lead during the night and will find you it difficult to go back to sleep.

Do not smoke. Nicotine is a service that keeps your eyes open. But that's the only advantage to smoke. In addition to increasing the chances of cancer and heart disease, bad breath is likely to stay out of the room when your spouse not prefer to sleep next to the burning of tobacco. If you have been smoking for many years, emphysema, asthma and other respiratory disorders will keep you more each night. It is the best method to quit smoking completely. But if you must smoke, take your last cigarette after dinner.

Your bedroom is the place to sleep, not the place to make notes of Office or surf the web. Television must be in the Hall of recreation or life. Different sex, your bedroom should be a private home, quiet place. It must improve its ability to concur with wall colors darker than the rest of the House. Curtains should block the light from lamps. Your bedroom should be neither too cold, too wet or too hot.

You should stop listening to noise at least two hours before bedtime. Violent movies, video and music playing full blast games are not going to put you in the mood for the rest period of eight hours. You want to create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes the fatigue, even if that means reading a boring book before bedtime.

Exercise can help you to sleep, but only if performed during the course of the day well before going to bed. Aching muscles, swollen and painful you looking at the ceiling will take all night. Stop exercise three hours before going to bed.

Those who receive bed in irregular hours often have more problems to sleep. Go to bed at the same time establishes a routine that helps your body to adjust to what can produce melatonin that indicates that it is time to sack.

Avoid arguments. Make peace with their spouse and children hours before bedtime. Learn to relax and put the concerns of their hours of mind before his retirement. You can not sleep under a lot of concerns or in an angry mood.

Do not take drugs before retiring as that can interfere with your ability to get to sleep. Medications are fine to a degree, but there is a reason for why the instructions note should be taken with meals, instead of right before bedtime.

If you follow these guidelines, it is more likely to get the right amount of sleep you need and stay healthy and energized throughout life.

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