Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is sleep Braxism?

Common sleep disorder sleeping Braxism is most of the third, but many people have never heard of it. In fact, if you suffer from sleep braxism, you could not even do it.

Braxism's dream is to grind the teeth during sleep. About 8-10% of the population are affected by the braxism of sleep (according to the Association of Braxism). This sleep disorder can go unnoticed for years, causing headaches, pain in jaw and facial and wear of the teeth and breakage.

During an episode of dream braxism, could gather the teeth to 40 minutes of each hour and be exerting a pressure of up to £ 250 when you grind. Compare this to their daily activities, 20 minutes from chewing on meals, exercise only 30-40 pounds of pressure.

Often, a person does not give account with braxism of sleep. If you have you noticed any of the following symptoms, you could be suffering from sleep braxism:

Grinding of teeth or making strange night noises notifications jaw pain and face when you wake up in the morningInability to eat first thing in the morningHeadaches wakingWear or breaks in the teethPartner

Currently, there is no cure for sleep braxism. The best treatments involve managing the episodes and prevent harm in the long term to the teeth. One of the best treatment is a splint occlusion: a plastic mouth guard used at night to avoid that by teeth grinding.

Occlusion casting not only to avoid damage to teeth, also eliminate pain in the jaw and stop the noise associated with grinding tooth, so your partner can get too much sleep! The dentist can make a splint occlusion equipped with customized, it fits perfectly and be very comfortable to wear.

Many sufferers of braxism of sleep are regular meditation, yoga, reiki, hypnosis, acupuncture and herbal pills significantly reduce or cure his braxism of sleep. While these methods have been scientifically tested as specific cures for braxism of dream, for some patients, eliminate completely the braxism completely.

Herbs of sleeping pills can be especially effective as they help with other problems sleeping, of which the braxism dream commonly is a side effect.

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