Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is the sex of sleep?

Recently, they have experienced many magazines stories about sex dream, also called sexsomnia. The titles allude to spicy episodes and outrageous claims, but the reality can be much more difficult.

In scientific studies, sleep sex comes under the umbrella of the NREM sleep disorder parasomnia - a series of sleep problems that occur outside of sleep REM (dream of the dream). Dream of sex is not a sleep disorder in its own right, more a subset of sleepwalking. Previously, there have been very few reported cases, but now, as sleep sex gains more and more attention from the media, more people are coming forward in the study and treatment of sleep sex.

During the sexual act of sleep, a person can do sexual noises, gestures or progress. As they are asleep, they have no control of their actions and it will not have any memory when they wake up. This can cause problems if the sleeping person makes advances towards her partner.

For most sick of sex of dream and its partners, the experiences, while strange, are welcome and happily joining in a normal sexual life. However, some people experience sleep sex have been known to be aggressive or even violent during an episode, causing her distress of partner.

At present, there has been little research on the causes and treatment of sleep sex. This is partly because, until recently, it was thought that it was too weird to justify such a study. Scientists now believe that it is more common than thought, and embarrassment or shame prevented people from the incorporation of sleep clinics.

A recent study presented at the Conference for the study of dream of professional partners in San Antonio found that 1 in 12 people now incorporate a sleep clinic admitted that they suffer from an episode of sexsomnia. Scientists are monitoring the brain activity during sleep sex and are beginning to see some interesting results. High rates of substance abuse and other sleep disorders in people who suffer from sleep sex are also detected.

Dream of sex is often treated with the same drugs used to treat sleep apnea and anxiety disorders. Sleeping pills herbs have also been used in some cases, and reports indicate that they have a high success rate. Many people prefer to take herbs for prescription sleeping pills.

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